[{ "label": "Administrative and Support Services", "value": "Administrative and Support Services" }, { "label": "Building, Construction and Trade", "value": "Building, Construction and Trade" }, { "label": "Club, Association and Community Groups", "value": "Club, Association and Community Groups" }, { "label": "Education and Training", "value": "Education and Training" }, { "label": "Farming and Rural Services", "value": "Farming and Rural Services" }, { "label": "Financial and Insurance", "value": "Financial and Insurance" }, { "label": "Forestry, Fishing and Mining", "value": "Forestry, Fishing and Mining" }, { "label": "Health", "value": "Health" }, { "label": "Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment", "value": "Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment" }, { "label": "Legal and Professional Services", "value": "Legal and Professional Services" }, { "label": "Manufacturing", "value": "Manufacturing" }, { "label": "Not For Profit and Charitable Trusts", "value": "Not For Profit and Charitable Trusts" }, { "label": "Political", "value": "Political" }, { "label": "Public Facilities and Infrastructure", "value": "Public Facilities and Infrastructure" }, { "label": "Real Estate", "value": "Real Estate" }, { "label": "Repair, Maintenance and Household Services", "value": "Repair, Maintenance and Household Services" }, { "label": "Research and Development", "value": "Research and Development" }, { "label": "Retail and Wholesale Trade", "value": "Retail and Wholesale Trade" }, { "label": "Social Services", "value": "Social Services" }, { "label": "Telecomunications and Information Technologies", "value": "Telecomunications and Information Technologies" }, { "label": "Transport and Logistics", "value": "Transport and Logistics" }, { "label": "Utilities", "value": "Utilities" }, { "label": "Other", "value": "Other" }]