Parents Top Tips for Back To School

Supply sweep - Tabitha Hinewai

"We do a supply sweep of the house, gathering all the stationery from the office, closets, old school bags, kitchen drawers etc and then mark off the list what we have at home and can reuse. Then we also do supply swaps with other families- we often have lots of one thing and nothing of the other and so can do exchanges to save money!"

Online price checking - Michelle Barnes

"Price checking online and not just going with the company that your school recommend"

Timing your shop - Tracy Walsh

"Shop as soon as you can after New Year, and enjoy the rest of January without getting caught up in the “back-to-school” rush!!"

Get organised early - Cindy Hughes

"I get everything organised in December so it's all done, from putting money away throughout the year prior so the money is available and there is no financial stress over it all as I know they money has gradually been put away to cover it all."

Start saving early - Tina Lyford

"Have an account that you pay into regularly during the year just for school supplies, uniforms, fees etc so you're not taken aback when all the bills start rolling in."

Stock up early - Deb Dennes

"Buy extra books, pens, pencils, glue sticks, erasers etc that will run out during the year. They are cheaper at this time of the year."

Check lists - Kerri King

"We make a list of everything we need then do a check of what we have around the house & put away some money each week"

Shop online - Michelle Hudgell

"Order online! If you go to the Warehouse Stationery website, find your school then class, you'll find all the stationery your child needs! You can then click on the bits you need and voila! it arrives in the post! No queues, no need to worry about lost lists and no stress :)"

School bag & lunches ready to go - Amy Krissansen

"I keep stationery that was sent back with my daughter that wasn't used to use for when school starts back, I also wash and dry her uniform and then put it in her school bag ready so then that way we aren't looking for it, I freeze about two weeks' worth of sandwiches to help in the mornings with getting ready"

Buy good quality and extra when on sale - Cherie Coster

"Buy a good quality bag so you're not replacing them every year and buy an extra lunch box when they go on sale. Always handy to have when a lunchbox breaks. Also get your stationery delivered. Much less stressful"

Label everything - Claire Louise

"Using my label maker to ensure everything is neatly named!"

Late night shopping - Kat Walters

"Use the late night shopping at warehouse stationery"

Write lists & budget - Kate Spake

"Write a list stick to it and budget well in advance and don't let the kids buy new stuff if there is left over new items from previous year"

Stock up on rolls of book cover - Cindy Driscoll

"Make sure you have enough rolls of book cover, running out night before school starts is not a good start!"

A one stop shop - Lynne Hilston

"Shop at Warehouse Stationery because it's...... #AONESTOPSHOP"