Back to school savings club banner


What is happening to the Back To School Savings Club?
We have decided to close the club following a review. The cards will still be able to be used in any of our stores until 5th December 2018 so you have plenty of time to use funds on the card.

How do I join the Back To School Savings Club?
There are two simple options; either pick up a card in store, or purchase a $20 preloaded card online, register on our website and start saving. From 5th December 2018 we will no longer issue any new cards.

Why do I need to register my card?
To ensure that the savings you are accumulating are linked directly to you, not just the card, protecting your savings in the event of the card being lost.The card is designed specifically to assist you in preparing for the school year, this is why the Back to School Savings Club (BTSSC) card can only be redeemed from 1st January to 28th February. To help stretch your savings further you will also get an additional 5% off your in store purchases, even if the items are already discounted.

What if my card is lost or stolen?
You are entirely responsible for the security and use of the card. If you have registered your card and lose it, call us immediately on 0800 222 246 to ensure the savings on it are protected.

Any unauthorized use will not be reimbursed up to the point of notification. If you do not register the card, we will be unable to verify it is yours in the event of loss or theft resulting in the loss of saving accumulated in the event that the card is not recovered by you.

Can the card be used in any other store other than Warehouse Stationery?
The BTSSC card can only be redeemed at Warehouse Stationery stores.

Can I use more than one BTSSC card when purchasing?
Yes, you can, however only with savings deposited prior to 31st December of the previous year.

Are there any fees associated with the card?
The card is free, there are no on-going fees.

Can I pay using my BTSSC card and a credit card in the same transaction?
Yes, you can use a combination of cash, eftpos, credit card or account with your card but the discount will only apply to the amount paid from your BTSSC card.

Can I cancel my card and get my money back?
Yes, from 5th December we will enable refunds of the cards balance.

Can expired cards be replaced?
Once a card has expired, it cannot be replaced. A new card would need to be issued.

If I forget my password – can I reset it?
Yes, simply go on to our website and follow the instructions.

Can I use the card to buy anything?
You can purchase anything in store except gift cards and phone top ups.