Choose from a range of products and image templates and personalise them with your own text. Prices include product and engraving. Up to 38 templated image options available

Champagne Glass Slim (single) $18.00
Champagne Glass Slim (double) $35.00
Wine Glass Large (single) $19.00
Wine Glass Large (double) $35.00
Wine Box Single $29.00
Wine Box Double $39.00
Shot Glass $9.95
Shot Glass - Set of 4 $25.00
Beer Glass $20.00
Mason Jar $18.00
Chopping Board 1 (basic) $25.00
Chopping Board 2 (premium) $35.00
Cheeseboard $35.00
(*Allow 4-5 business days for engraving.)
Please order in-store at Wairau Park

Personalised Stationery

Personalise selected Parker and Lamy pens at our Wairau Park store with your own text. Impact, and Paperlane compendiums and journals can be personalised with your own text and images. View the range of products that you can personalise here.

Engraving (In-House Stationery Products)
Per Line $5.00
Per Line $5.00
Image / Graphic $19.00
Diaries / Notebooks
1 Line / Name / Logo $5.00
Image $15.00
(Image to be supplied in jpeg, png or tif format. Prices include engraving only, product additional.)
Please order in-store at Wairau Park

T-Shirt Printing

Create personalised t-shirts with your own design in our Wairau Park store. Supply us with the image and text that you would like printed directly on to a black or white t-shirt and we will do the rest.

T-Shirt Printing (Black & White T-shirts only)
Men's $25.00 (various sizes available)
Women's $25.00 (various sizes available)
Kid's $20.00 (ages 3-16)
(Price includes T-Shirt and Printing. Image to be supplied in jpeg, png or tif format. Max size for printing is Approx. A3 for Adult T-Shirts and A4 for Kids T-Shirts.)
Please order in-store at Wairau Park

3D Printing

Access the latest 3D printing technology in our Wairau Park store to bring your 3D creations to life.

Bring us your file (in .stl format)

- Design your own using an application such as TinderCad, SketchUp, Fusion 360 or others.
- Download a file from a 3D file sharing website. The most common site is www.thingiverse.com

Select your print requirements

- Colour: Choose from White / Red / Black / Grey / Yellow / Blue / Green / Orange / Pink / Purple. (All high quality PLA bio-degradable filament)
- Resolution: Standard 0.20mm layers / Fine 0.10mm layers / Course 0.30mm layers
- Wall thickness: Standard 0.8mm or extra thick 1.2mm
- Density: Standard 10% Infill / Strong 25% Infoll / Extra Strong 50% Infill

We will: - Check the file is suitable to 3D print
- Apply other setting as may be required to print the file (Raft and Support Material)
- Provide a price and advise when the print can be collected


- Not all files are 3D printable. Our system can check the files you provide capability.
- The higher the resolution the longer the print time which will increase the cost
- The greater the wall thickness and more infill applied the longer the print time will be and the higher the cost
- Greater wall thickness and more Infill will increase the strength of the print

3D Printing
Filament per gram used 29c per gram