We have put together a handy guide for parents of What Not To Do. Don’t mix summer with tuna sandwiches, don’t put yogurt pots in school bags without adequate protection, and don’t worry too much about that little Jimmy’s broken arm, that’s normal. For everything you do need for Back to School time, pop into Warehouse Stationery, because We Do Don'ting.. but mostly We Do Doing!

What Not To Do
What Not To Do: Part 1


Don't wear socks with sandals while dropping your kids at school, and definitely don't cut their hair unless fully qualified… Mummmmm!!

What Not To Do: Part 2


Don't try to be "totally cool dude" with your 80s slang, and don't forget there is a direct correlation between silence and mischief!


What Not To Do: Part 3


Don't call them the same names you did when they were four.. they're a big pumpkin now, and FYI dad jokes are not cool!

What Not To Do: Part 4


Don't tell your kids how hard it was for you to get to school.. on the horse.. across the country side, and don't forget.. always do a head count!