Whiteboards & Presentation

It is amazing what a whiteboard can do for a high-functioning office. They serve so many purposes and never go unused – to illustrate any idea, or help to organise a team. No business space should ever be without one!

Hang one in the supply area for an easy way for people to mark office items that need replenishing. Get a large one for your common area where staff linger, to communicate activities and important information so that you don’t have to type out those long memos for everyone. Brainstorming has never been easier as you can scribble everyone’s ideas on the fly onto a space for all to see.

Also ideal for the home you can keep grocery lists, keep tabs on the kids’ schedules and write reminders for those chores the children are always forgetting. The range is large; from electronic whiteboards, to magnetic, non-magnetic, mobile whiteboards you can move around, and smaller, decorative ones perfect for home, or even as a to-to list on your desk.