Photo Printing with Fotofinish

Print your photos, in up to 21 size options using our easy to use, self-serve kiosks in all stores. Alternatively you can print photos (and photo gifts) at, or via the Fotofinish app. All photos printed online or via the app will be shipped to you at home.

Fotofinish App
Fotofinish App

Photo Printing with Printicular

Send your phone and tablet pictures directly to one of our stores for local pickup or choose fast home delivery.

Download the Printicular app, and select photos to print directly from social media or upload your files through the Printicular site for printing at Warehouse Stationery.

Printicular App
Printicular App

Photo Restoration

Restore your aged and damaged photos and bring them back to life with Warehouse Stationery's photo restoration service. Prices start from $38.99*


We are able to repair torn, damaged and faded photos. (Some photos may not be able to be restored due to excessive damage. Please ask a team member for assistance)

The service includes a restored print of your original photo and a new digital image, supplied back on your memory stick. Photo restoration is available in every store. Your restored photo will be available in 3-5 days.

Note: *Bring your photo in store to get a quote for the final restoration price.


Find your nearest Warehouse Stationery store.

Our Service Includes

  • Restore to black and white - Have your image restored with the final image being produced in black and white.
  • Restore to sepia - Have your image restored with the final image being produced in a sepia tone.
  • Restore to photos original colour - Your photo can be restored to the original colour from when it was taken.
  • Full restoration and colourise - Have your image restored with the final image being re-coloured.

In Store Photo Printing

With a range of sizes and finishes you can print all your photographs here in store.


Standard Prints

Our self service kiosks are an easy way to get your photos and enlargements done quickly. Print that special moment or memory with up to 21 sizes available in all stores - turn your images into keepsakes.


Creative Prints

You can edit your photo by adding text, embellishments and backgrounds before you print it.

Note: See in store for full range of creative options for photograph printing and editing.


Find your nearest Warehouse Stationery store.

In Store Photo Printing
Size Paper Price
6x4 (15.2 by 10.2 cm) Matte/Gloss print (1-49) $0.29
6x4 (15.2 by 10.2 cm) Matte/Gloss print (50-100) $0.24
6x4 (15.2 by 10.2 cm) Matte/Gloss print (100+) $0.19
6x6 (15.2 by 15.2 cm) Matte/Gloss print $0.80
6x8 (15.2 by 20.3 cm) Matte/Gloss print $1.00
6x9 (15.2 by 22.8 cm) Matte/Gloss print $1.30
6x18 (15.2 by 45.7 cm) Matte/Gloss print $9.00
4x8 (10.2 by 20.3 cm) Matte print $2.00
4x12 (10.2 by 30.6 cm) Matte print $2.50
5x5 (12.7 by 12.7 cm) Matte print $0.50
5x7 (12.7 by 17.8 cm) Matte print $0.50
8x10 (20.3 by 25.4 cm) Matte print $4.00
12x8 (30.5 by 20.3 cm) Matte print $7.00
12x12 (30.5 by 30.5 cm) Matte print $12.00
12x16 (30.5 by 40.6 cm) Matte print $16.00
12x18 (30.5 by 45.7 cm) Matte print $18.00
12x36 (30.5 by 81.2 cm) Matte print $30.00
12x48 (30.5 by 122.0 cm) Matte print $40.00
Size Paper Price
4x4 (10.2 by 10.2 cm) Photogram $0.35
6x4 (15.2 by 10.2 cm) Index Matte/Gloss Print $0.50
6x4 (15.2 by 10.2 cm) Creative Matte/Gloss Print $0.29
6x8 (15.2 by 20.3 cm) Creative Matte/Gloss Print $1.00
6x18 (15.2 by 45.7 cm) Creative Matte/Gloss Print $9.00
12x8 (30.5 by 20.3 cm) Creative Matte Print $7.00
12x12 (30.5 by 30.5 cm) Creative Matte Print $12.00
12x16 (30.5 by 40.6 cm) Creative Matte Print $16.00
12x18 (30.5 by 45.7 cm) Creative Matte Print $18.00
12x36 (30.5 by 81.2 cm) Creative Matte Print $30.00
12x48 (30.5 by 122.0 cm) Creative Matte Print $40.00
16x20 (40.6 by 50.8 cm) Creative Matte/Gloss Poster $19.00
18x24 (45.7 by 61.0 cm) Creative Matte/Gloss Poster (A2) $20.00
23x33 (58.4 by 83.8 cm) Creative Matte/Gloss Poster (A1) $30.00
33x46 (83.8 by 116.8 cm) Creative Matte/Gloss Poster (A0) $45.00
CD burn $7.00
CD burn and index $8.00
Calendar 8x12 (20.3 by 30.5 cm) single sheet $10.00
Calendar 8x12 (20.3 by 30.5 cm) 12 pages $20.00
Calendar 12x18 (30.5 by 20.3 cm) single sheet $20.00
Calendar 12x18 (30.5 by 20.3 cm) 12 pages $30.00

Note: All prices displayed are in New Zealand (NZD) dollars and are GST inclusive.