School holiday activities at home

Help your kids stay busy at home with fun activities like arts and crafts, DIY projects and more.

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Check out these other fun and easy-to-do art projects your kids will love

School Holidays with Warehouse Stationery

School holiday activities, sorted

It can be hard to keep the kids entertained during school holidays, but when school’s out, it’s time to bring fun in.

Warehouse Stationery saves you the trouble of finding school holiday activities – there’s a huge range to choose from, like art and craft products, games and puzzles, stationery essentials, kids’ science and technology toys, Crayola crayons and Reeves paints.

Try our ideas for things to do with kids, and make every day fun with simple DIY art projects they’ll love. Head in store to pick one of our drawing sheets, bring your kids’ design to print on a personalised mug, or turn your home into an art gallery with pictures for faux canvas prints. Selected stores even offer slime making demonstrations!

With Warehouse Stationery, you can keep the entertainment going all holiday long.