in store photo printing

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Photo Printing (In-store only)

Choose from a wide range of sizes, from standard 6x4" to increasingly popular square photos, and even poster sized photos.

Standard Photo Prints 1-50 50-100 101+ Express*
6x4 (15.2x10.2cm) $0.29 $0.24 $0.19 $0.35
6x4 (15.2x0.2cm) Index Card $0.50

*Express not available in all stores

Enlargement Photo Prints Each
Wallet 2x3 4 images $0.70
5x7 (12.7x17.8 cm) $0.55
6x8 (15.2x20.3 cm) $1.30
6x9 (15.2x22.8 cm) $1.60
4x8 (10.2x20.3 cm) $2.20
4x12 (10.2x30.5 cm) $2.80
8x10 (20.3x25.4 cm) $4.00
8x12 (20.3x30.5 cm) $7.00
6x18 (15.2x45.7 cm) $10.00
10x12 (25.4 x 30.5 cm) $10.00
10x15 (25.4x38.1 cm) $15.00
11x14 (27.94x35.56 cm) $14.00
12x16 (30.5x40.6 cm) $16.00
12x18 (30.5x45.7 cm) $18.00
12x36 (30.5x81.2 cm) $30.00
12x48 (30.5x122.0 cm) $40.00
Square Photo Prints (Including Instax Style) Each
4x4 (10.2x10.2 cm) $0.35
5x5 (12.7x12.7 cm) $0.50
6x6 (15.2x15.2 cm) $0.80
12x12 (30.5x30.5 cm) $14.00
Poster Size Photo Prints Each
A4 Poster $10.00
A4 Poster Laminated $15.00
A3 Poster $14.00
A2 Poster* $17.50
A1 Poster* $23.50
A0 Poster* $39.50

For a quicker in store experience, we recommend downloading the fotofinish App to your phone. This allows for easy transfer of photos between your smartphone and our photo kiosks, without the need for connecting cords

Fotofinish App

Our High Quality Paper Types

*200gsm Satin

Our highest grade heavy weight paper. Specially coated to deliver the absolute best colour and image clarity. Suitable for photos and heavy colour posters when only the very best will do.

Our Paper

FujiFilm Crystal Archive Paper used on all photos up to size A3. Designed to produce high image quality photos to ensure you get brilliant results every time.