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Whiteboards & Presentation

It is amazing what a whiteboard can do for a high-functioning office. Unleash the talent within your team by working collaboratively or just ensure you are well planned and organised. No business space should ever be without one!

Think of the many ways in which having a whiteboard will make your office a more effective space. Hang one in the supply area for an easy way for people to mark office items that need replenishing or get a large one for your common area for staff to communicate important information. Brainstorming has never been easier, as you can scribble everyone’s ideas on the fly. For frequent office use, we recommend a Porcelain Whiteboard that will always come clean and last for many years. For the ultimate in flexibility, consider a Pivoting Mobile Whiteboard that has double the surface space and can be moved where you need it. For less frequent use, a Lacquered Steel Whiteboard will be the best and most cost-effective option.

Don’t forget the accessories you will need, including Erasers, Whiteboard Cleaners and Gridding Tape.

Also, whiteboards are ideal additions to your home; as you can maintain grocery lists, keep tabs on the kids’ schedules, write reminders for those chores the children are always forgetting or even have a to-do list in your study. Check out our range of smaller, decorative whiteboards that are perfect for your home.

Whatever the business, we have all the office products you need

If you’re shopping for office supplies, chances are you’re busy! For that reason, you will likely want to get it all done with a few clicks. We make it easy to shop online, and with BizRewards you even earn fantastic rewards just by purchasing the things you need for your business – plus the convenience of paying by invoice. Shop with confidence with our low price guarantee.

Improve productivity with planners, create an organised oasis, go crazy brainstorming, stock up on cafeteria supplies, get the filing in order, stock up on all the basics or even create wall art with Post-Its.


Home Businesses

More and more, members of today’s workforce are choosing to go it on their own and operate their businesses from home. Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t operate with the same efficiency and expertise as the “big guys”.

Even if you are not running a business from your home chances are there is still a lot of work going on. Paying bills, calculating repair costs, tracking everyone’s schedules, making reservations – it all needs to stay organized! A simple home office set-up can make your life so much easier.Our fabulous deals on office furniture, computers, printers, tech supplies and even basic office items mean that you can get set up with ease.