Posters & Plans

Poster Printing

Head into your local Warehouse Stationery store or visit WS Print for all your plan, light colour poster and full colour poster printing needs.

Our professional wide format printers can cater for a range of styles and sizes. From trade plans and dress making patterns, promotional posters, photo quality print for that high-quality finish.

* In-store only. Excludes large orders. Subject to store workload. Please confirm with the store at the time of ordering if same day pick up is required.

Order online or find your nearest Warehouse Stationery store.

Plan Printing

Print plans to meet industry standards. Display scale and detailed calculations in a clear line drawing format using our high definition wide format printers in colour or black and white. Ideal for other line drawing like dress making patterns or topographical maps.

Plan Printing 1-50 51+
A2 Duraprint $5.65 $4.20
A1 Duraprint $7.70 $5.75
A0 DuraPrint $12.65 $9.45
A2 150gsm $4.05 $3.00
A1 150gsm $5.50 $4.10
A0 150gsm $9.05 $6.75
A2 80gsm $3.25 $2.40
A1 80gsm $4.40 $3.30
A0 80gsm $7.25 $5.40

Poster Printing

We have a variety of options to suit your poster printing needs. Use our photo satin for the highest quality finish to make your poster burst to life, or our duraprint where durability is required for the environment it will be in.

Poster Printing 1-10 11+
A2 Premium 200gsm Photo Satin $19.00 $14.25
A1 Premium 200gsm Photo Satin $25.50 $19.10
A0 Premium 200gsm Photo Satin $42.00 $31.50
A2 Premium Duraprint $17.50 $13.10
A1 Premium Duraprint $24.00 $18.00
A0 Premium Duraprint $39.00 $29.25
A2 Value 150gsm $12.50 $9.35
A1 Value 150gsm $17.00 $12.75
A0 Value 150gsm $28.00 $21.00

DuraPrint Sticker.

Expanding on our DuraPrint range we bring a solution perfect for situations where you want a high quality durable print that can also be repositioned without damaging the wall. DuraPrint Sticker uses microsuction technology to adhere to most surfaces. This ensures that when you need to reposition the poster this can be done without leaving any marks. Great for renters, students, and those with roving setups.

Poster Printing 1-10 11+
A4 DuraPrint Sticker $12.00 $9.00
A3 DuraPrint Sticker $18.00 $13.50
A2 DuraPrint Sticker $25.00 $18.75
A1 DuraPrint Sticker $29.00 $21.75
A0 DuraPrint Sticker $49.00 $36.75

Our High Quality Paper Types


A light weight paper for when budget matters, and the print is for short term use. Suitable only for plan printing.


A medium weight paper with special coating to deliver high resolution images with brilliant colour. Suitable for a wide range of applications.

200gsm Satin

A heavy weight paper specially coated to deliver the absolute best colour and image clarity. Suitable for photos and heavy colour posters.


Water resistant and tear proof paper. DuraPrint can be handled regularly without wearing or fading, plus can be written on. Perfect for documents in a tough work environment, or where document protection is required.