Come to us for superior passport photos, visa application photos, and ID photos, available in any of our stores.

Each store has been fitted with a high-tech photo station and your digital photos will be tested against all the latest international standards for passports and airport smart gates.

Your digital photos will be emailed to you instantly.

Why shop with us?

Our superior passport photos are:

  • E-gate biometric compliant
  • 100% compliant with the NZ Department of Internal Affairs standards
  • 100% compliant to the International Civil Aviation Organisation standards
  • Compliant with over 87 passport types
  • Compliant with over 280 visa types

Peace of mind!

With our photos you can rest easy with our guarantee that your passport will be accepted by the New Zealand Passport Office or your money back!

How to renew your New Zealand passport

1. Know what you need

  • Previous passport details
  • Referee details
  • Credit, debit, or prepaid card to pay

2. Find a referee

Your identity referee needs to have held a NZ passport (it can be expired), have known you for at least a year, and be over 16. They can’t be related to you or living with you. You’ll need their passport number and expiry date, full name, date of birth, and phone number.

3. Apply online

Go to Your last passport has the information you’ll need to start your application.

4. Save and upload your photo

Open the passport photo email from Warehouse Stationery and save your photo somewhere you can easily find it again, such as your desktop. Upload the photo as part of your application.

5. Pay online and submit your application

NZ Passports will send you an email as soon as your passport has been completed.

How to apply for your first NZ passport

If you’re over 16 and have never had a NZ passport before, you can apply online. You’ll need to visit to set up a RealMe verified identity if you don’t already have one.

Processing Times & Costs

The standard service takes up to 10 working days and costs $191 (adult) / $111 (child). The urgent service takes up to 3 working days and costs $382 (adult)/ $302 (child). Delivery time is additional.

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