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Printers & Scanners

Printers will always be an important part of your tech needs for all those things you need on paper. For your home, or your business, we know these machines are used constantly. Let us help you choose the product that is right for you and your printing needs.

Inkjet VS Laser
Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you are printing and how much of it.

Less expensive, and great for smaller jobs, and printing photos. Inkjets can print onto all kinds of paper – including glossy types – and the ink cartridges and toner are generally cheaper. Not ideal if you print a lot, as the trays generally only take around 50-100 sheets at a time. Not as suitable for printing text documents on plain photocopy paper as plain black text can come out slightly more fuzzy than laser.

More expensive upfront, but print quickly. If you run a business, or you print a lot the speed makes a big difference. If the printing you are doing is predominantly text, laser prints sharply and is suitable for small fonts and lines. Not suitable for printing photographs. Laser printers are generally larger, heavier and more expensive both in terms of the printer and its ink.