Online deliveries: we’ve got it packaged up for you

Warehouse Stationery is here to help you recharge your business to meet your new requirements and we’re taking all the hassle out of putting packages and mail together. 

Online shopping and e-commerce have experienced a significant increase as a result of COVID-19, and according to predictions, that will remain the case as current consumer shopping and consumption behaviours are seemingly here to stay.

As New Zealand continues to operate within a contactless delivery framework, businesses are rapidly having to respond to the growing demand in online shopping which is seeing thousands of items being dispatched via post and courier to customers daily.

Not surprising then that business owners are having to make decisions about effective and efficient packaging solutions which, given the volume of orders being fulfilled, also extends to opting for more sustainable options.

Warehouse Stationery has a full suite of packaging and posting solutions which also offer a range of eco-friendly products that help you make an environmentally conscious decision.

Here are some of our top packaging and posting picks.

Cardboard and Cartons

The carton range offers a wide selection of shapes and sizes to suit any need, while the range of corrugated cardboard rolls ensures packaged contents are wrapped and cushioned safely in an environmentally-friendly way for shipping. 

Postage Boxes and Tubes

Suitable for a multitude of small items such as electronics, plaques, cosmetics, jewellery, and books, special shipping boxes offering added safety during courier transit. Tubes made of sturdy, corrugated board are perfect for sending important documents and allows for easy labelling with markers or sticker labels. Adding to the benefits is that they are made from 100% recycled paper and are recyclable.

Mail Bags

A vast range of mailing and shipping bags make sending small to medium items a breeze. If you’re needing to send something fragile, the selection of bubble mailers and padded mailing bags will ensure your items arrive safely.

Go green and choose from our range of compostable resealable and Ziplock bags.

Envelopes and stamps

Choose conveniently all-in-one prepaid envelopes to seal and send anywhere within New Zealand with a one to three-day delivery target.

Opt for a booklet of 10 KiwiStamp non-denominated self-adhesive postage stamps or 100 KiwiStamp non-denominated self-adhesive postage stamps in a convenient dispenser box to send your letters and documents within New Zealand. 

Packaging and Mailroom Accessories

If your business does a lot of mailing, pick up a mail bag, a scale, packaging paper and other mailroom accessories that will streamline the postal process.

Packing Paper and Paper bags

If you’re looking for quality packing paper, paper bags or any other paper packaging, there is a large selection to choose from and come with a sustainability tick such as the Brown Kraft Paper bags which are 100% recyclable, compostable and made from FSC Certified earth friendly.