Notebooks buying guide

There are many types of notebooks and some are more suited to certain uses than others. Broadly speaking, notebooks tend to vary in terms of how they are ruled, the number of pages, how they are bound, the cover material, and how the collection of pages inside is attached to the cover. 

At Warehouse Stationery we have many types of notebooks and journals available. When choosing the right type of notebook for your individual needs you may want to consider: 


Notebooks come in a variety of rulings, or blank pages. The most common ruling is 7mm line ruling.

Number of pages 

A notebook will largely be determined by the number of pages. One ‘sheet’ of paper is actually two ‘pages’. So, check the product listing specifications to ensure you’re clear on how many pages you’ll be getting. Note that more pages translate to a thicker, heavier notebook. So, for a light notebook to keep with you in a bag, fewer pages might suit.

Paper weight

GSM which stands for grams per meter squared refers to the paper weight- it’s thickness. Heavier paper is usually associated with better quality paper and delivers less ‘show through’ if you are using a fountain pen.

Cover options

There is also a wide variety of covers. The most common is a heavier weight than paper, keeping pages protected called the card covers. Card covers can be plain or printed. Heavier cover types include PU, PVC, leather look and leather covers.

Types of binding

Case bound notebooks - notebooks with covered spine that safeguards the pages inside

Spiral notebooks - have a spiral wire running through the pages. These are useful if you need to keep a notebook to single facing without damaging it, or if you are going to be removing pages regularly.

Staple binding notebooks – this binding is used for thinner notebooks (usually 64 pages or less). Staples are placed in the middle of the pages and then the pages are folded into a notebook. A common example is an Exercise notebook. Many notepads have staple binding at the top of the notebook.

Stitch binding notebookscoming to Warehouse Stationery in October 2020. Stitched binding is like staple binding (as stitches act like staples) but can accommodate more pages, is sturdier and gives the spine a raw and cool look. A combination of thread and glue allows for a more tightly bound notebook perfect for who prefer sleek notebook with sturdier binding. 

Notebooks & Journals

A4 Notebooks & Journals, A5 Notebooks & Journals, A6 Notebooks & Journals

Warehouse Stationery stocks a huge range of notebooks in various sizes so you're sure to find the right one for your needs. Choose from case bound, or spiral or opt for a more on-trend option with our range of stylish and fashion notebooks.

Moleskin Notebooks & Journals

The epitome of style and function. Simple stationery, which is well made, beautifully designed and effortlessly functional: the perfect journal for any meeting or class. The options include hard or soft covers; lined, unlined, squared and small to extra-large sizes.

Other Notebooks & Journals

If style and sophistication is important to you, see the Warehouse Stationery range of Uniti fashion notebooks with up to date, on-trend designs. For kids and younger teens, the Kookie range of notebooks are ideal and are a cute gift idea. You’ll also find memo pads and desk pads plus the popular colourhide notebook range. 

Although many students and working adults opt to quickly record their thoughts and ideas using digital devices, it's difficult to compete with the simplicity of writing in a notebook.

Here’s 20 great reasons to use a notebook

20 great reasons to use a notebook