Seven Personalised Gift Ideas - Just for Dad!

We've all been there: it's last minute, and you're struggling thinking of what to get the Dad in your life for Father's Day. The struggle is real, but don't worry — we've got you covered with some great gift ideas for Dad. These homemade or customised gifts will show him how much you care and make fantastic present ideas for Father's Day.

Personalised Photo Mugs

Versatile, personal and useful for coffee, tea, pens or pencils, these custom mugs are the perfect choice for the Dad who has everything else - he'll love having a cup that makes him smile when he looks at it every morning! Upload a cherished photo, design or artwork and have it printed on a mug to warm the start of his day. You can also opt for a colour-changing mug that reveals the photo once you add a hot drink or a travel mug that Dad can take with him anywhere.

Homemade Greeting Cards

There are few things more satisfying to a dad than a thoughtful father's day gift, and making him one of your own is an excellent way to show how much you love him. Pick up some cards, envelopes and your choice of craft materials, and have the kids create to their hearts' content! Cut the card into a trophy shape and paint it gold to give him a #1 Best Dad Award card. Create a shirt & tie card by using spare buttons in the sewing kit, or have the kids create Dad the Superhero with felt, paint & crayons.

Clay Gift Toppers

Air hardening clay is an excellent option for a homemade gift without needing to bake it in a kiln. Using Jovi air hardening clay, you can make a tray for Dad's knickknacks, a plant pot or vase, or a pen holder - let your kids' imagination run wild! Pick up some clay from your local Warehouse Stationery or online, or use any leftovers to make! Take a small piece of clay, roll it into a ball and then flatten it to around 6mm thick. Cut it into either rounds or gift tag shapes. Add a hole at the top for string and other decorations like engraving, paints or patterns. Once ready, leave the toppers to dry for at least 24 hours and voilà! A lovely personal touch to a father's day gift. For detailed instructions, head over to our Inspiration Station to learn more.

Canvas Photo Prints

Make the memories last with canvas prints - these are great gifts you can order online or in-store on quality canvas or faux-canvas. You can have almost anything printed on it: the dog, a family group photo or a favourite holiday spot. It'll look professional and artistic in Dad's living area or workspace. Be sure to use high resolutions images to get the best out of a canvas or faux-canvas print. Head to your local store or online to start your order.

Personalised Apron

Give dad memories to last a lifetime with a personalised apron. Spend some time with the kids and create a custom-made apron he can use whenever he fires up the stove, oven or BBQ. Pick up an apron from our friends at The Warehouse and some fabric paint or markers in-store or online, and get ready to create! This gift is a great last-minute choice to organise with the kids and super easy to do. They can choose whatever to put on the apron and decorate it however they want. Once decorating is complete, use an iron to set in the design.

Custom Gift Wrap

Have you already sorted the gifts but are unsure how to add a personalised touch? Consider heading in-store and getting some custom-made wrapping paper printed! Choose your favourite photos from your smartphone, then add backgrounds and embellishments from our library of images. There are plenty of layouts to choose from! With the ability to go for 1m, 2m or 5m or wrapping paper, you've got plenty of options depending on the size of the Dad's gift. Check out our video below on how to create it in-store.

Custom Photo Prints

If you can't think of anything else, consider photo printing in-store or online. It's a classic option to showcase cherished memories Dad will love, printed on high-quality Fujifilm paper. You can upload directly from your phone using the Printicular app or in-store kiosks. Pro tip: changing the photo to black and white will always look professional!

If you need more time, consider ordering online and picking it up in-store. We'll have everything ready for you when you arrive. And don't forget to pick up a frame to display the photo when you're collecting the prints!

There you have it! Seven personalised gift ideas that we hope will become your Dad's favourite and most treasured possession. So go ahead, choose the one you like best, head into your local Warehouse Stationery and start creating something unique for your Dad today!