Wheat paper Buying Guide

Warehouse Stationary is introducing an eco-friendly alternative. Our wheat-based paper is the sustainable choice.

It looks like ordinary copy paper. It performs like ordinary copy paper. That’s why this copy paper is so extraordinary! Made from an ecologically unique blend of wheat straw and recycled wood, our wheat straw copy paper is the sustainable choice.



The wheat straw is sourced from farms in Punjab, India where it is purchased directly from the farmers. It is a byproduct of the wheat harvest, and usually burnt off. The wood used in this paper comes from furniture offcuts, sourced and collected from manufacturers in Punjab as well as nearby Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. By using these resources we reduce the dependence on tree-felling for paper, cut airborne pollution by reducing wheat straw burnoffs, and improve industrial sustainability efforts in India. 



Using advanced technology and techniques, our manufacturer converts agricultural waste into high-performing copy paper.

Process behind wheat paper

Why wheat paper?


New Zealanders want to live, work, and buy sustainably. This paper is a big step forward for us, and we’re proud to give you a greener choice. Not only are we helping to reduce the amount of industrial waste being burnt and dumped, we’re reducing the paper industry’s reliance on felling trees, one ream at a time.