Mental Health Month

At Warehouse Stationery we believe in the importance of connecting with each other and with the power of open conversation.

Across Aotearoa, mental health has a huge impact on our society and especially on youth prosperity. So this year, to support mental health awareness, we’re partnering with Life Education to shine a light on the work that they’re doing while raising funds to go towards educating and inspiring future generations.

Today’s children and adolescents face a lot of challenges, so it’s important for them to know that the choices we make as children, can dramatically affect how we live our lives in the future. This is why Life Education exists.

Schools are increasingly using Life Education to support their student’s mental health and well-being needs. An estimated 57,000 NZ children ages 3 to 14 experience “concerning” emotional, peer, hyperactivity or conduct problems, while a further 50,000 children have borderline emotional/social/hyperactivity issues. If we equip children with the right skills, then we can help to turn this around.

The Life Education programme focuses on the causal factors of poor mental health amongst children, including different forms of bullying and various scales of resilience. One of the strategies explored is around the need for support and the importance of sharing problems with others, in order to navigate through complex issues.

Knowledge is power! Therefore, we’ll be giving away postcards for a $2 donation in-store from 2 September to 29 September, with all funds going to Life Education so that they can carry on this important conversation. 2nd Sept – 29 Sept.

If we can inspire young people to embrace positive choices for a healthy body and mind then we are doing right by them.

You can also head online to donate: