Recycling Programme FAQs - for The Warehouse Group

Who can take part in Warehouse Stationery’s Ink & Toner and Printer Cartridge recycling programme?

Warehouse Stationery’s recycling programme is available for all customers – from households through to large businesses.

What products can I recycle?

Any brand ink cartridges, toner cartridges, drum cartridges and labelling cassettes can be recycled.

Who recycles my old printing consumables?

Warehouse Stationery is working with Brother, which has partnered with Croxley Recycling, New Zealand’s only e-waste recycler with Environmental Choice certification. They break down and arrange for recycling of the various elements from consumables, from the plastic casing to individual components to packaging.

The Croxley Recycling Centre, located in New Lynn, Auckland, makes a significant contribution to reducing landfill in this country. A recent audit showed that 99% (by weight) of what is sent to their Centre is able to be recycled. That level of performance is achieved largely because Croxley Recycling meets all the requirements of Environmental Choice and offers an audited, end of life pathway for products.

Click here to find out more about Croxley Recycling.

How do I recycle my old consumables (e.g. ink or toner cartridge)?

You can drop off any old printing consumables to your nearest Warehouse Stationery located nationwide.

Is there a cost to recycle my old printing consumables?

There is no cost for recycling your old printing consumables.

Why should I recycle my old printing products?

Warehouse Stationery and Brother take environmental responsibilities seriously and encourage customers to do the same. Recycling your old consumables reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and allows materials in consumable products to be repurposed into a variety of new products. With your help, we can continue to minimise their impact on the environment.