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Adhesive Tapes & Fastenings

Situations can get a little sticky when you don’t have the right item on hand to fasten or seal up your project. Our shelves are jam packed with every kind of adhesive to ensure that you will never be without the right product.

Whether you are considering the home or office – who can live without tape? You need it for wrapping presents, fixing things that are broken, keeping papers together and more. We have cellulose tape galore that you can even purchase in big packages. Our double-sided tape comes in handy all the time and don’t forget to pick up some wide parcel tape for all of those packages.

Keep your walls fresh and hole-free with Blu-Tack, or our wide range of 3M Hooks. Glue sticks are ideal for any number of projects and they keep the mess to a minimum.

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  • NOW $1.99

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  • $9.99
    Buy 5 or more of Sellotape Cellulose Tape 18mm x 33m 2 Pack Clear for $9.71 each
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  • $13.49
    Buy 5 or more of Sellotape Double Sided Tape 12mm x 33m Clear for $12.14 each
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    Buy 5 or more of Impact Office Tape 18mm x 66m Large Core Clear for $5.39 each
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