three ways with frames

Picture frames are a simple and stylish way to display precious family memories and also add a welcoming atmosphere to any room in your home. Here are three ways to frame photos that will be sure to impress!

Grid Style

If you are someone who embraces order amongst the chaos, then displaying six photos with a similar theme in square frames creates a cohesive and uniform look. For this look, you will need six 16x16inch frames with a 12x12inch mat. This white space from the mat creates a bit of breathing room among the photos and adds to the simple and classy look.

Poster Duo

For a more pared back look, display two super enlarged photos with a similar theme in a couple of A2 poster frames. Now you have a simple and elegant look to brighten up your home and celebrate a couple of incredible memories!

Shelfie Display

Fill up your shelf with memories that share the story of your life and family. For this look, grab a few frames in different sizes. This shelf has a mix of A3 and A4 frames, plus smaller frames to suit 6x4 photo prints. Fill the frames with printed photos and display with printed art to make your overall design pop.

So now, go forth and frame those family memories with confidence!