Speak 4 Success

Roslyn Cunnington

Who you are and what type of business do you own?

I’m Rozlyn Cunnington and I own and run a Public Speaking Trainer-Coach company called Speak 4 Success. We coach adults, support corporate teams, children and schools to communicate their ideas and manage the fear of public speaking. Also run school and holiday leadership and life challenge courses.

What challenges are you concerned about in the weeks and months ahead?

We had to change our business model and move online and start training online. As most businesses there’s definitely financial challenges and also having to sustain a new business model online.

How can the community support your business?

If you struggle with public speaking or would like a bit more support please feel free to reach out to us.

Roslyn Cunnington


Business: Speak4Success

Website: www.speak4success.co.nz

Mobile: 027 248 2888