Spoke Phone

Spoke. Big phone system features, none of the pain

Spoke puts your entire business phone system all on a mobile, like it should be.
No hardware, no wires and no complicated set up.

About Spoke

Spoke turns mobile phones into your business phone system, eliminating hardware, wires, and complicated IT setup. Spoke is ideally suited for three to 100 person companies, that have mobile and remote workforces at home in New Zealand, or abroad. With Spoke, Kiwi companies save significant time and cost, while more easily connecting customers and employees.

Simple to use

Traditional business phone systems features, made dead simple to use on your mobile phone.

Works on any network

BYOD office phone system. Employees use a smartphone on any network. Their phone, or one you provide to them.

100% Mobile

Cloud VoIP means Spoke only needs a mobile phone to work – you don’t need anything else!