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Terms and Conditions

Special Notice

Closure of Back To School Savings Club.

  • 1. The Back To School Savings club will be closing and the following key changes will impact existing customers:
    • a. No Deposits or top-ups to existing card balances can be made from 5th December.
    • b. No new cards will be issued from 7th November 2016.
    • c. Balances on the cards live as at 4th December 2016 will have their expiry extended by 24 months or until 4th December 2018.
    • d. The redemption window will be lifted and cards can be used at any time to redeem goods from any Warehouse Stationery stores until expiry of the card.
    • e. From 1st March 2017 the following will no longer be available on the site:
      • 1. Ability to register cards; and
      • 2. Ability to view card balances.
    • f. Card balances can be checked at any Warehouse Stationery store from 1st March 2017 until 4th December 2018.
    • g. If you do not want to redeem your balance for goods in store, then we will refund your current card balance.


  • 1. The Back to School Savings Club (BTSSC) is managed by The Warehouse Limited, trading as Warehouse Stationery (“Warehouse Stationery”).
  • 2. The BTSSC is a facility which allows you to make prepayments to a BTSSC account to purchase goods from Warehouse Stationery stores. Cards not redeemable online. Excludes gift cards.
  • 3. Up Until 4th December 2016 you can use the BTSSC card to top up your account. From 5th December 2016 your BTSSC card will no longer be able to be topped up.
  • 4. From 4th 2016 all cards’ expiry will be extended until 4th December 2018, and the previous redemption window restriction will be removed so cards can be used at any time through to the 2018 expiry date.
    • 1. Depositing onto your Card – only valid until 4th December 2016.
  • 5. Amount deposited cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash and can only be redeemed in the form of goods purchased from any Warehouse Stationery store.
  • 6. The minimum amount which can be deposited is $5. The maximum amount which can be deposited is $1000. The limit per card is $1000.
  • 7. If you exceed the $1000 on any card you will be issued with a new card for any balance over $1000.
  • 8. The amount you have deposited will be redeemed in the order in which the amount was deposited into the account.
  • 9. Security
  • 10. Your card is very valuable and you must keep it secure at all times. You are entirely responsible for your card and Warehouse Stationery Limited will not be held liable for any unauthorised use of your card, nor will you be reimbursed for any financial loss you might incur.
  • 11. Card Registration – only valid until 4th December 2016.
  • 12. You can register your card by visiting our website You can also request one by calling 0800 222 246. Registering your card will provide the following benefits:
    • Added security for your card if it’s lost or stolen/ability to change your security PIN.
    • Ability to change your PIN.
    • Invitation to BTSSC activities where applicable.
    • See your transactions history online or through our 0800 helpline.
  • 13. Loss of Card
  • 14. If you have registered your card you have the ability to deactivate it if it is lost. You must immediately, on identifying the loss of your card, contact 0800 222 246 to notify of the loss. Any unauthorised use of your card up to the point of reporting to Warehouse Stationery is not the responsibility of Warehouse Stationery, however any further loss is prevented by deactivation. Warehouse Stationery will then send you a replacement card.
  • 15. The first replacement of a registered card will be at no cost to you. However there may be an administration charge for any subsequent replacement.
  • 16. If you have registered your card and there are changes to your contact details you must let Warehouse Stationery know. If you do not do so and this results in a loss to you, Warehouse Stationery will not be held liable for the same.
  • 17. Inactive Account
  • 18. Your account will be deemed inactive if you do not top up or redeem from your BTSSC account for a period exceeding 24 months.
  • 19. If your account is deemed to be inactive, the card will expire and the balance in the account will become the property of Warehouse Stationery.
  • 20. Other
  • 21. Use of the card or registration of your account as detailed in clause 11 of these Terms and Conditions will result in your accepting the Terms and Conditions of this offer.
  • 22. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. Changes made will be posted on the website It is your responsibility to check the website for changes, Warehouse Stationery will not inform BTSSC customers individually.
  • 23. The BTSSC may be suspended or cancelled at any time, in which case all rights under these terms will cease. Warehouse Stationery will endeavour to give you advance notice of the suspension or cancellation on or by otherwise notifying you.
  • 24. Any payments made for goods using BTSSC funds will not qualify for BizRewards points.
  • 25. Any payments made for goods using BTSSC savings will qualify for Support Your School nomination.
  • 26. In the event of the BTSSC being suspended or cancelled, unused balances in your BTSSC account are not refundable or transferable but may be redeemed for goods purchased within 24 months of any suspension or cancellation.