Back to school tips

Need to learn how to cover a book or personalise your child’s school stationery? Maybe you just need some ideas for the holidays?

Check out our range of videos below!

How to cover an exercise book

Let’s face it this is the hardest job ever! Well now we can teach you how to ace it!

How to make new crayons!

Do you have broken crayons lying around? Time to upgrade, check this out!

How to personalise your school stationery!

Learn how to make your school stationery unique with these easy tips!

Get the most out of studying!

Here are some small tips that may just help you ace that next exam!

Never lose those important notes!

Do you always find crumpled notes at the bottom of your child’s bag?

Back to school hacks!

Sick of apples going brown and scissors not cutting?

First day of school!

Make your child’s first day of school special with these tips!