I am authorised to make this application on behalf of the Company. By signing, I agree the Company is bound by any applicable Terms and Conditions of Trade (see overleaf), and by the BizRewards Terms and Conditions, of which a full version can be found at BizRewards.co.nz.

By signing this agreement, I authorise:

• you to, where appropriate, make enquiries, disclose and obtain any information about me to and from anyone else (e.g. to and from credit reporting agencies such as Veda Advantage) for the purposes of verifying information in this application, evaluating this application or carrying out credit checks. For example (but without limitation) you may obtain a credit check on me and if there is a default in payment obligation you may give information about that default to your credit reporting agency.

• you or your BizRewards partners to send me promotional and marketing information (including by electronic messages).

I understand that you may hold and use the information I provide on the terms of your Privacy Policy (see online). I understand that all information you provide to your credit reporting agency will be held and used by that agency for its credit reporting service and the agency may give such information to its customers who use its service. I understand and warrant that any purchases made using my company’s BizRewards account are made for business purposes and not for personal, domestic or household purposes. The undersigned confirms that the terms & conditions overleaf and the terms and conditions for the BizRewards programme at www.bizrewards.co.nz form part of this application & that the signatory is bound by those terms & conditions.