Work-life balance AND business growth?

Work-life balance is a major challenge for many NZ business people, according to the results of an online survey we conducted early 2017.

So we delved into the issue further with a more recent survey, involving 180 BizRewards members, and uncovered something particularly telling:

61% of respondents agreed with this statement: “If my business revenue grows, my work-life balance will get worse.”

This suggests that, for many, the work-life balance issue could be a potential handbrake on business growth.

That is, who wants to grow their business when they think their work-life balance would get worse – especially if it is already under-par? After all, our survey showed that:

  • Only about one in three (36%) had no problem with their work-life balance
  • Half (52%) said their work-life balance is bearable, but they want it to be better
  • Around one in ten (12%) said their work-life balance is terrible

That’s why we’ve partnered with to produce the video below, which provides helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance as your business grows.

For more advice, check out this business article by the CEO of Warehouse Stationery, Pejman Okhovat, which outlines his approach to, and six tips for, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.