Set Up Your Office Like You Mean Business

Whether you own your own business, work from home or in an office, you are more often than not, so caught up with getting the job done each day, that taking charge of nagging administrative must-dos, let alone sprucing up your workspace, inevitably takes a backseat.

So here are 6 simple ways for you to get back in control and in charge knowing you have the essentials sorted.

Pick the right furniture

Furniture should be practical, comfortable and look great. 

It’s important that every corner of your office or home office feels welcoming, professional and conducive to work.

When it comes to individual workstations, opt for an adjustable, ergonomic chair with a desk that has plenty of work and storage space for stationery needs. 

It’s also essential to have your desk space set up correctly to avoid health issues like Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). For tips on the correct set up go here

Storage sorted

Nothing makes an office feel more organised and under control than a clutter-free space. Invest in good storage and filing solutions to keep documents and supplies ordered and easily accessible. It’s also the most efficient way to maximise available space.

A range of storage optionsfiling cabinets and bookcases will keep your office in shipshape condition while everything from manila folders and lever arch files, to ring binders and colour-coded dividers will make finding and referencing documents a breeze. 

Keep your desk tidy with accessories designed to make it look great while providing you with more room to work. Personalise your space with the addition of items from Warehouse Stationery’s Fashion Stationery range.

Optimise your office space by 'going up' with stackable storage. Archive boxes are sturdy and therefore ideal for stacking and storing various office essentials.

Stock up on supplies
Stock up on of all your office staples. This will save you save time, money and the hassle of regularly needing to pop out to replenish supplies.

Ensure your stationery cupboard has enough essential items such as pens, copy paper, staplesenvelopes, stamps, courier bags and bubble wrap, while the office kitchen and cleaning cupboard is well-stocked with tea, coffee, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, Panadol and cleaning wipes.

The best way to get this done is to buy in bulk.

Upgrade your printer
Consider the best printer for your business needs. Warehouse Stationery has a wide range of printers and scanners to suit small to large businesses, from mobile options that make on-the-go business easier and heavy-duty models capable of printing thousands of pages every day.

Refresh your promo materials
Update your branding for a fresh take on how you present and promote your business. Warehouse Stationery offers an extensive range of services to make the process simple, cost and time efficient. 

From business cards to pull up banners or even a new logo, the end- to-end design process through our online and instore services will deliver a professional finish designed to impress. 

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