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Bring Your Own Device

Technology never stands still and with limited budgets it is becoming increasingly hard for schools to keep up. This is where a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme becomes appealing, especially when many students already have their own devices.

Back To School Study Furniture

Give your student a tidy and productive home work space and give them a headstart on their homework and assignments. Mix and match from a large range of desks, chairs, shelves, lamps, and more. There is something to suit all spaces, subjects, styles, and budgets.

Back To School Hacks

Book Covering Guide

Learn how to personalise your school books like a pro!

Crayon Craft

Turn your old crayons into something awesome!

School Mail Tricks

A fun way to keep track of those important notices!

Tips & Tricks

Keep cool 'til after school with these tips & tricks!

Exercise Book Conversion Charts

Download or view Exercise Book Conversion Chart PDF
Download or view Book Conversion Chart PDF